Business Center Vivaldi Plaza | 2 Letnikovskaya street
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Vivaldi Plaza

2, Letnikovskaya street

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Paveletskaya subway station at 5 minute. Vivaldi Plaza office-centre is a four-building complex, located in one of the Moscow main business districts. It is situated at the intersection of the Garden Ring and the Moscow River embankment, the city’s major highways, and is very close to Paveletskaya train and metro stations and Aeroexpress to Domodedovo international airport. The four buildings are named Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter like the famous "Four Seasons" violin concertos by Antonio Vivaldi. Exceptional architecture combines classic and modern features, glass facades add light and finesse. A patio with restaurants and cafes and surrounding green landscape complement the architectural ensemble. Vivaldi Plaza is designed for the most demanding tenants who appreciate quality and comfort. Just recently Vivaldi Plaza has been certified under BREEAM sustainable building certification scheme. It is a perfect setting for productive and creative work.

Метро рядом

Serpuhovskaya 2 min transport ,
Paveletskaya 10 min on foot
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