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How to find the best office in Berlin: coworking, service offices

The search for the optimal office space can be a difficult task for any business, and this is especially true in Berlin. Being one of the fastest growing and the most dynamic cities in Europe, Berlin offers many opportunities for enterprises seeking to establish a presence in the region. Nevertheless, with so many available options, navigation in the Berlin office market may be difficult.

Fortunately, the served offices and flexible work spaces have become popular and effective solutions for enterprises of all sizes in search of office premises in Berlin. In this article, we will consider various types of office premises available in Berlin, the advantages and considerations of choosing the served offices in coworking or flexible workspace, as well as how to choose the right inviting room for your business. We will also provide an overview of leading suppliers of serviced offices and flexible workspace in Berlin, as well as cost calculations and tips for reducing expenses for renting office premises.

Which office to choose: types of office premises in Berlin

Berlin offers a wide range of options for office premises, from traditional to coworking space and everything between them. Here is a review of the most common types of office premises available in Berlin:

- Traditional office premises - as a rule are located in business centers, business parks or mansions, are suitable to meet specific business needs, require long-term obligations and can be expensive, but offer complete control over space and the ability to furnish the office to meet individual business needs.

- Coworking space in Berlin is common office premises that offer a flexible and joint working environment. These places are often a home for startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and small enterprises that seek an economically effective and flexible decision in the office. Berlin coworking, as a rule, offer various services, such as high -speed Internet, printing and scanning documents, conference rooms and general zones - kitchen, lounge.

- Virtual offices provide their tenants with a legal address, secretary services, mail processing and access to conference rooms and coworking space. This option is ideal for enterprises that do not require physical, but only nominal presence in the city.

- A flexible workspace is a hybrid between traditional office premises and coworking, they offer flexible rental conditions, “All Inclusive” prices and a combination of private and common areas, a wide range of services and amenities, such as auxiliary personnel on the spot and renting negotiation rooms.

- Serviced offices in Berlin are a fully furnished and equipped offices, ready for immediate use, offer flexible lease conditions, personnel according to the All-inclusive system, which makes them an attractive option for companies that are looking for a quick and convenient solution. Ideal for companies that require flexible office premises without obligations of long-term rental. They are completely furnished, have high-speed Internet access and offer access to common amenities, such as conference rooms and recreation areas. Service offices also carry out administrative tasks, such as mail processing and receiving incoming calls, which allows enterprises to focus on their main operations.

Overview of the best coworking in Berlin

The most popular and perhaps the best coworking suppliers in Berlin are Regus, Mindspace, Sevrcorp and Design Offices. All of them offer a wide range of office space and configurations, as well as services such as reservation, kitchen areas and high -speed Internet access. Prices for serviced offices in Berlin differ depending on the location, amenities and other factors, but usually start with 400 euros per month for one workstation.

In recent years, flexible working spaces have become a popular alternative to traditional. They offer their tenants the freedom to choose a workspace, which best corresponds to their needs and budget, not being burdened with long -term contracts. In Berlin, as a center for startups and entrepreneurs, there is an increase in demand for renting coworking.

Advantages and disadvantages of coworking in Berlin

Flexible working spaces are designed to meet the needs of enterprises that are looking for temporary placement. These spaces, as a rule, are common workplace, which may include coworking, Hot Desks and private offices. They differ from traditional office premises in that they offer great flexibility from the point of view of the terms of the lease agreement, the use of place and payment options.

One of the main advantages of the office rental in coworking is the flexibility that it provides. Enterprises can choose a workspace that corresponds to their needs, and they can adjust its use as they change their needs. This rental option also offers the possibility of communication and non-playing, since tenants are often divided by this space with other single-minded specialists. However, one of the main disadvantages is the lack of control: since this is a common working space, tenants may not have complete control over the environment, noise or atmosphere.

When choosing a flexible workspace in Berlin, you should take into account factors such as location, a set of services and prices. The location should have convenient transport and hiking, parking and developed infrastructure - restaurants, cafes and shops nearby. The coworking itself must provide all the necessary services, such as high-speed Internet, printing and scanning documents, renting negotiation rooms, secretary and postal services and using common areas. It is worth deciding on your budget and take the best coworking out of possible.

Office rental cost in Berlin

Office rental costs are significant costs for enterprises in Berlin. Therefore, it is important to consider the rental costs when choosing an office space. Here's what you need to know:

The cost can vary depending on factors such as the location of the building (remoteness from the center and metro), the class of the business center (and the class is much more expensive than C), the size and type of office (traditional or service. The average rent for office premises in Berlin is 28 , 40 euros per square meter per month in the first quarter of 2023.

As a rule, served offices and flexible work spaces are more expensive than traditional office premises. However, they offer advantages such as flexibility and convenience. The average cost of the served office in Berlin is 480 euros per table per month, while the average cost of coworking is 266 euros per month.

Here are some tips to reduce expenses when renting office premises in Berlin:

- Select the place away from the city center, but nevertheless with good transport accessibility (metro no more than a 15 -minute walk). For example, you can rent an office in one of the Berlin business parks;

- Think about dividing the office area with other companies (sublease);

- Agree with the lessor with a lower lease or the best conditions;

- Rent an office in a loft without repair and perform a minimum cosmetic finish on your own;

- Consider the options in mansions on basement with small windows or attic.

Choose your perfect office in Berlin

In general, when choosing an office premises in Berlin, it is important to evaluate the costs and weigh them with the advantages that the space provides. Thus, you can make a more informed decision and choose an office that corresponds to your budget and needs. The choice of the perfect office in Berlin is crucial for the success of any business. Despite the fact that there are many accessible options, served offices and flexible workspace are becoming more and more popular due to their many advantages, including saving funds, flexibility and convenience.

When considering options, it is important to evaluate the needs and goals of your business, as well as factors such as location, convenience and cost. While serviced offices can be better suited for small or starting enterprises, large companies can prefer traditional lease and long -term contracts. In general, Berlin offers various options for companies of all sizes and budgets, and a thorough consideration of these factors will help you find the optimal office space for the success of your company.

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