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Office rental in St. Petersburg

13 March 2020

Office centers in St. Petersburg: 4 relevant areas in your interests

The convenient location of the office directly affects the results of any business. Therefore, a well-designed and well-chosen place is the key to success in business. The cost of office space is directly proportional to their suitable location, as well as successful infrastructure. Therefore, location is the number one criterion for the successful growth of your business.

Office rental in a business center or in a large shopping center is perhaps the most profitable and profitable. And if the business center is located near the main transport interchanges and residential complexes, you get an absolutely win-win option. Today, renting a successful office means being on top of business art.

Renting an office on our website will not be a problem due to the created and constantly updated database of all formats of commercial rental real estate, including photographs, a description and a location on the map. A quick and advanced search for all possible offers for renting office space can be classified by such parameters as location, size and price. As for the cost of renting an office, it is affected by the location, species characteristics, transport accessibility and internal conditions of the object. Probably the best way to find out the real price is to carefully study existing offers.

Direct lease is a lease without intermediaries, plus all the necessary information in the most reliable form for tenants. It is well known that a tenant always gives preference to those lessors who follow professional rules.

In megacities and simply large cities, life in all its manifestations is in full swing, and St. Petersburg as the cultural capital is the best confirmation of this. It is not surprising that the lion's share of the business belongs to the commercial real estate market and various operations in this segment of services. Sale and rental of premises, in turn, are necessary for the effective solution of various business problems for the benefit of residents and guests of our glorious city. However, only at first glance it seems that this is a “simple” task to rent an office in St. Petersburg. In fact, professional assistance and advanced information technologies in this regard are necessary for each of us. Thanks to these two components, the rental problem can be solved. We are always happy to help and offer you an extensive and constantly updated database of rental facilities designed for your finished office!

Office Classification:

5 criteria in favor of choosing a class "A" office. Offered offices are located in modern business centers, exclusively in the central part of the city. In this case, you will find impeccable service, including automation systems, modernized life support systems, a professional security service, reception service, conference rooms, recreation areas, an open plan and high-quality finishing materials.

Class B Offices. Offered offices are either new or in business centers after reconstruction, but they cannot boast of a wide range of services.

Class C offices. Offered offices have a little worn out repair and not enough modern communication. Sometimes in such rooms there is no centralized ventilation system. As a rule, although they do not have a central location, they are located in areas with developed transport interchange.

Class D offices. Offered offices are of rather low quality and require major repairs. At your disposal is a very modest list of life support services.

Class E offices. Offered offices need urgent reconstruction, because they do not meet the requirements of most tenants. These are mainly non-residential premises converted into offices.


We can help you find the right office space for your business. Our website offers a wide range of commercial properties in a vast area. You can rent premises of any size, from retail stores to offices, warehouses, industrial buildings or simply empty sites. You are sure to find many attractive and profitable places for your business, because we are professional managers of many areas. We have many buildings available for rent without intermediaries. If you are interested in a room in St. Petersburg, you can contact us directly, choose a convenient time to visit our facilities and quickly draw up a lease.

We offer commercial real estate for various purposes in all areas of St. Petersburg. We have no doubt that we can offer our customers a space that meets their needs. As a rule, renting commercial buildings in St. Petersburg can be troublesome, but our managers will help you find the right office and conclude a lease, saving you time and money. To rent a room in St. Petersburg has never been so convenient!


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